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The SEACRET is out!
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Name Recognition/Proven Brand - CHECK
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Aggressive Compensation Plan - CHECK
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Leadership Match of those recruited who pass me - CHECK 
New Car of MY Choice, paid monthly - CHECK 
Life Style Bonus, paid monthly - CHECK
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MLM’s best kept Secret is Seacret Direct, 
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Seacret Mud Soap & Mud Mask In Action!!!
Wow Factor Products!!! http://goo.gl/YUAl1

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This is AMAZING!!!
Seacret RECOVER MASK Regimen:
12 week results

Apply RECOVER MASK once a week along with 4 green line products daily:
- Eye serum
- Eye cream
- Face serum
- Face moisturizer

Photo is before Seacret evolving through week 12. HUGE difference


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The Beauty of the Dead Sea

For centuries, the Dead Sea has been a prime destination for those who wish for healthy skin and new lease of life. As a result, Dead Sea cosmetics have an iconic status based on their ability to h help keep skin looking youthful and protect it against early aging.

Created under extraordinary climatic conditions the Dead Sea is 33.7% salinity and contains 26 essential minerals including magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and boron as well as 12 components which do not exist in any other ocean in the world.

The powerful combination of natural minerals, nourish, renew and regenerate the skin cells, activate the blood systems and leave a healthy, youthful and radiant glow. They are also known for helping to heal rheumatic diseases, skin and joint conditions as well as and metabolic disorders.

Whilst we can’t simply hop on a plane once a week to the Dead Sea, we can enjoy the therapeutic qualities of Dead Sea minerals in our own homes thanks to an impressive range of products from SEACRET.

Using the richest, purest Dead Sea salts, minerals and mud, SEACRET’s skincare and spa range includes products for the whole body from head to toe.

From facial moisturisers and special eye care, age defying serums and nail care to a Fab BB Cream and men’s products, there is something for everyone.

One of my favourite products is the SEACRET™ RENEW Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask which is a unique combination of facial scrub and mask, enriched with Dead Sea minerals and gives all skin types a deep refreshing clean.

As well as Dead Sea minerals, it also contains chamomile extract and aloe vera to calm and nourish and apricot seeds gently exfoliate. Ginseng extract helps reduce the appearance of fine lines whilst olive, sesame and evening primrose oils keep skin moisturised and supple.

You simply apply a thin layer of RENEW to clean, damp skin (avoiding the eye area) and lightly massage it into your skin using circular movements. Let dry for 15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. For best results do this twice a week and follow with the Age Defying REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturiser.

Both the SEACRET™ RENEW Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask and Age Defying REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturiser are available fromhttp://www.seacretdirect.com/teamflorida

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Soy is an excellent source of protein and anti-oxidants which reduce the signs of aging in your sin. Soy is a natural anti-inflammatory due to the hefty content of a plant compound present in soybean known as isoflavones.

Soy skin care product is still fairly new, there are a few fantastic products on the market that you can pamper your skin with.

Soy Protein is widely used for its hydrating abilities. It is an amino acid that has been simplified so it is easier for the skin to accept. It is a natural way to hydrate the skin and give it a more fresh appearance. Soy Protein can be found in our Intensive Moisture Night Cream, Body Lotion, Age Defying REGAIN Eye Cream, Nail Care Collection, and Day & Night Moisturizing Set.
Information here: http://goo.gl/Uu4Ab

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Seacret™ Foot Cream is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals that nurture skin and bolster its naturally smooth look. It contains a unique herbal combination of Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. Together these ingredients not only gently moisturize and soften, but also beautify and protect feet. Seacret™ Foot Cream is effective in preventing dry, damaged feet and is suitable for all skin types. For more informations click here http://goo.gl/IRqxr
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don’t dream, just make it!
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